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Level 1 – 4 weeks treadmill program

Thinking of hiring a treadmill and need a program to follow to see the results desired?
Have a look at the program below designed by my friend Louie, who’s a qualified Personal Trainer from Dublin and if followed, it’s guaranteed to see results.

You need to have a bottle of water and a towel with you and a proper pair of runners.

NOTE: Any time you need to change speed or elevation levels, make sure one hand is holding on to the treadmill handle for safety while the other is operating the controls.

Week 1

Start with 10 minutes warm up, having the setting on the treadmill so you can walk at a steady pace. Stand up straight, look forward and make sure you are moving your arms too.
After 10 minutes, without increasing the speed, raise the treadmill to level 5-6.
Continue to walk at that level for another 10 minutes without holding on to the treadmill handles. Lean forward a bit if you need to do so, but try to maintain a neutral position.

As 10 minutes are up, increase the elevation level to 8-10, retain the current speed and without holding on to anything, walk up the hill for 1 to 2 minutes, than decrease elevation back to 5 or 6 to catch your breath.

Repeat the above 5 or 6 times.

To cool down, repeat the warm up for up to 10 minutes. Do not just walk off the treadmill. Allow yourself to catch you breath and regulate the heart beat & blood flow through your body.

Week 2

Same as above, but this time we are going to increase the elevation from 10 to 12

Week 3

Same as week 1 but the elevation will go up from 12-13

Week 4

This is going to be the hardest week. We have worked on building stamina and lungs & aerobic capacity.
We are going to follow week 1 but when you get to the elevation point, we are going to raise it to maximum allowed. Try not to hold on to anything unless you feel like you need to do so.
Walk up the hill by pushing your body forward. Maintain speed & a steady pace.

Drink plenty of water and keep hydration levels to maximum. It looks easy, but trust me, is not.
Try to follow the program, but do listen to your body too.